(1) a company small in size, that provides colossal result

(2) a pint-sized production company that holds a powerhouse of directors and is capable of handling anything production (see also traditional broadcast commercials, branded content, branded and digital content)

origin – the myth

Everyone knows the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. A young, nimble adventurer uses strategy and quick wit to get one over on the giants in the clouds. The giants seem to have wealth and resources inaccessible to normal humans. As a result of his curiosity, knowledge and bravery, Jack is able to defeat the giants and he himself becomes a tinygiant.


The true tale of tinygiant combines Jack’s outside-the-box grit and the giants’ out-of-this-world abilities.

tinygiant is a Brooklyn-based commercial production company, founded by Veronica Diaferia (think Jack with an Italian accent and stilettos). After learning the ropes of production in big traditional shops, she wanted to start a company that would grow around people – not the other way around. tinygiant was born from a belief that great content can be made with a curated roster of directors, good taste, dedicated teams and technical knowledge.

examples of tinygiant in a sentence

tinygiant takes pride in being able to produce anything, tiny or giant, and take the best of old school expectations and new school ideas.

tinygiant is the next generation: flexible, highly adaptive, and willing to go the distance to make unparalleled creative work.


tinygigant-ism  |-ˌizəm| (noun)

tinygiantlike |-ˌlīk| (adjective)


Brooklyn Navy Yard
Building 275, Room 202
63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 213
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Veronica Diaferia

Founder / Executive Producer

Email veronica@tinygiant.tv

Office 718.504.6801

Cell 917.723.6071

Ella Nuortila

Executive Producer

Email ella@tinygiant.tv

Office 718.504.6801

Cell 917.855.4010

Roxanne Artesona

East and West Coast Representation

Email rox@roxanneandco.com

Office 212.679.9797

Cell 917.584.8235

Jeff Bowman

East and West Coast Representation

Email jeff@roxanneandco.com

Cell 914.806.1131

Charlie Janson

Canadian Representation

Email charlie@primechuck.ca

Cell 416.400.3519