(1) a company small in size, that provides colossal results

(2) a pint-sized production company that holds a powerhouse of directors and is capable of handling anything production (see also traditional broadcast commercials, branded content, branded and digital content)

origin – the myth

Everyone knows the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. A young, nimble adventurer uses strategy and quick wit to get one over on the giants in the clouds. The giants seem to have wealth and resources inaccessible to normal humans. As a result of his curiosity, knowledge and bravery, Jack is able to defeat the giants and he himself becomes a tinygiant.


The true tale of tinygiant combines Jack’s outside-the-box grit and the giants’ out-of-this-world abilities.

tinygiant is a Brooklyn-based commercial production company, founded by Veronica Diaferia (think Jack with an Italian accent and stilettos). After learning the ropes of production in big traditional shops, she wanted to start a company that would grow around people – not the other way around. tinygiant was born from a belief that great content can be made with a curated roster of directors, good taste, dedicated teams and technical knowledge.

examples of tinygiant in a sentence

tinygiant takes pride in being able to produce anything, tiny or giant, and takes the best of old school expectations and new school ideas.

tinygiant is the next generation: flexible, highly adaptive, and willing to go the distance to make unparalleled creative work.


tinygigant-ism  |-ˌizəm| (noun)

tinygiantlike |-ˌlīk| (adjective)


Brooklyn Navy Yard
Building 275, Room 304
63 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Closest subways are A/C at High Street and the F at York Street. Closest gate is at 299 Sands Street.
Be prepared to show ID or Visitor Pass to enter the Navy Yard. Type ‘tinygiant brooklyn’ and your mapping software will bring you straight to Building 275, which is on the Dumbo side of the Navy Yard.

Veronica Diaferia

Founder / Executive Producer / New Business

Email veronica@tinygiant.tv

Office 718.504.6801

Cell 917.723.6071

Ella Nuortila

Executive Producer

Email ella@tinygiant.tv

Office 718.504.6801

Cell 917.855.4010

Melissa Ross Represents

Melissa Ross - West Coast Representation

Email melissa@melissarossrepresents.com

Office 424.272.9097

Cell 310.502.0565

Prime Chuck

Charlie Janson - Canadian Representation

Email charlie@primechuck.ca

Cell 416.400.3519

Witness Me

Jenny Hollowell - Public Relations

Email jenny@witnessme.com

Cell 917.733.5832